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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Elite Trading Services legit?

I want the easiest EA to set up and use please?

How to download the EA?

Why do i have different results to other traders?

How do i get in contact please?

Why do you not offer refunds or exchanges?

Why do you not offer signals?

Why do you not offer trading advice?

Why does only the MONEYMAKER have a my fx book?

5 * Customer Services

We are always on hand via live chat, email , telegram and of course via our phone number! (9am-5pm Mon-Fri only)


All files downloadable straight after payment! Also email sent with download link as well.

Getting Started

Full help to set up and get started! We will get you set up and ready to rock! Please note we will only help set up on a demo account! PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT GIVE TRADING ADVICE.