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Terms and Conditions



Elite Trading Services are not regulated by any jurisdiction or governing bodies. We are a software development company and we never offer financial or trading advice. You should always look at our software as education purposes and should demo before going live. Our software has to be manually turned on by and set up by you as the account holder we will never have access to your account send you signals or trades to copy. We will never have access to your portfolio or ever offer any financial advice or management. You are fully responsible for your own account whilst running any of our software. Although no experiences is needed, having experience will be beneficial. There is no rush in currency trading and there are 1000s of scams out there. Luckily for you we are one of the legit. But please make sure to read up on currency trading before purchasing any of our software. And understand that there are risks involved and you can lose money. We will never manage your portfolio or give you advice or guidance so please do not request this. You should always seek professional help when it comes to taxes and incomes. When trading the currency markets or crypto (digital markets) your capital is at risk. You should only trade with funds you can afford to lose. There is no guarantees in trading.   

In these terms “we”, “us” will represent Elite Trading services. “you” will represent you as in the customer.

Please note as we are a global company, our website is translated automatically, therefor some spelling or grammar mistakes may be present. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us first, we will be more than happy to go through our terms and conditions and also provide a translated version.




Section 1 Our Business.

  1. We hold no responsibility for any damages caused by any file. Including monetary loss.
  2. We hold no responsibility for any losses caused by trading with our software.
  3. We hold no reasonability for any money lost for buying products or services related to our software, this includes prop fund challenges and VPS servers.
  4. We do not off any refunds at all due to the nature of the product.
  5. We will never give out trading advice or financial advice.
  6. We will never manage your portfolio or funds.
  7. We will never request access to your funds.
  8. We will never give you signals or trades to copy.
  9. We will never share any of your personal information to any 3rd parties unless required by law.
  10. Our staff and partners cannot be held responsible for any loses this includes any affiliation we have or crypto coins we may sell in a private sale.
  11. We may use your personal details to locate staff nearby for meetings if safe to do so.
  12. We hold the right to update these terms and conditions at any time. 
  13. We hold the right to remove you from any of our communities at any time. And terminate all support. This does not affect your rights. And no refunds will be given.
  14. Please note our staff will not allow access to their personal social media so please do not ask or attempt to interact with them.
  15. We do not and never will give trading or financial advice, Our software has to be installed by yourself only and there for all responsibility is on you as the customer. 
  16. Our software does not need to be regulated as we offer no trading or investment activities.

Section 2 Our customer

  1. You are responsible for your own trading accounts
  2. You are responsible for maintaining and managing your trading accounts these includes making any manual adjustments if needed as well as cutting losses.
  3. You should have a figure in mind to cut losses to avoid losing all your capital.
  4. Your money can rise as well as fall whilst trading and investing you should be fully prepared for losing all money invested.
  5. All support will be terminated if you are caught reselling or sharing our software or breaking any rules past or present or even just being generally defaming towards us or rude and disrespectful. This is a ban on support for life. Even purchasing new bots or upgrades will not lift this support ban. If you have been banned and still purchase our software you will not get any support and won’t be able to claim a refund. We may on a case by case basis lift the ban. We also hold the right to ban anyone we deem a risk to our company, customers of partnerships. We do not have to give a reason why if we decide against offering free support or access to our community.
  6. You should only purchase our products if you fully know the risks involved with trading.
  7. Only the person who purchases the software is allowed access to your set up and private chat. We hold the right to refuse entry to any customers
  8. You must not attempt to shame us if you have ran riskier than standard settings. This includes leaving a bad review to damage us.
  9. In some circumstances we may offer a funded trading account for customers. That when a 100% has been made we then give full control to minus profit. We can withdraw this at anytime. Even whilst trading if we decided to stop it. Funded accounts are not guaranteed. And are giving out of good faith.
  10. You can only purchase our retail bots as an individual. For any businesses (including  sole traders and self employed) purchases you need to purchase the reseller license or white label version. All taxes are included for each country.
  11. Our past results cannot guarantee future results and you should not purchase our software based on previous results.
  12. You do not have permission to resell out software or sell signals generated from our software. This includes predicted trades.
  13. Your personal details will be stored as long as you are an active customer. We may keep some details after for legal requirements. More can be found in our private policy.
  14. All of your conversations that take place between you as the customer and us as a business will be recorded.
  15. You must not run our software for a managed service.
  16. You are entitled to run 4 different accounts with our software on each purchase. These must be all your accounts. These can be any mix of live and demo accounts.
  17. You will be fully prepared to accept any losses due to market conditions and be aware that the software cannot be blamed for unpredicted movements.
  18. We advise you to demo at least two months before using live funds. And sticking to the settings provided.
  19. If you attempt to send on, rebuild, decompile or resell our software we will seek a legal charge of £100,000. This includes selling signals from our software. This also include sharing your file to any one including prop firms and other companies. Not only will it terminate your license it will terminate all support as well. 


Section 3 Our support

  1. We will help you fully set up on a demo account only.
  2. We will never ask for login details for your accounts.
  3. We will always aim to answer any questions with 12 hours.
  4. We will not tolerate any of the following: Racism, harassment, threatening behaviour or rude/aggressive comments. And all support will be terminated.
  5. All support will be terminated if you are caught reselling or sharing our software or breaking any rules past or present or even just being generally defaming towards us or rude and disrespectful. This is a ban on support for life. Even purchasing new bots or upgrades will not lift this support ban. If you have been banned and still purchase our software you will not get any support and won’t be able to claim a refund. We may on a case by case basis lift the ban. We also hold the right to ban anyone we deem a risk to our company, customers of partnerships. We do not have to give a reason why if we decide against offering free support or access to our community. 
  6. Our support staff will never ask for payments over the phone or via crypto. All payments must be made through our secure payment.
  7. We are a software company and there for our support is purely for our software, we will NEVER give trading advice. This includes any other settings that are not set out on our website.

Our Community 

  1. All our community channels have clear written rules. If you do not know the rule please ask.
  2. We hold the right to remove you for any reason at anytime. And even buying a new bot will not allow you back in. 

Our software

  1. You will only run our software for personal use only. Unless a reseller or white label business customer.
  2. You are fully responsible for your own software once downloaded.
  3. We have set settings that are suggestions. We do not advised any other settings that may be seen or shown.
  4. If you are caught reselling any software we will take legal action to claim the money of a reselling license. This includes sending our software to someone else. This will also stop your software from working and the copiers you have sent. We will also terminate all support for life. Even if you purchase a new software or update you will still not receive any further support. 
  5. Our software only runs on MetaTrader 4 on a computer. You must make sure you can run MT4 before purchasing our software. No refunds will be given if you can’t run our software or download our software. Running a VPS is recommended.
  6. Our software the Money Maker Pro has been used to pass FTMO multiple times. But this does not guarantee any future passes and you should not purchase based on previous successes.
  7. NO settings will be shared for The Altum range or Hedger range. The bots are not retail and can take a while to get right.
  8. Any results on social media shouldn’t be the reason for purchasing. They could be running different settings to standard. We will try out best to acknowledge what settings are being used.
  9. Lite bot is for LTCUSD only.
  10. Gold Bot is for GOLDUSD only.
  11. Only our retail software ( moneymaker,vici,gold and litebot ranges) have settings we can discuss all other products we do not give any settings or guidance.
  12. Our software does not have a set amount trades they must trade daily. The number of trades can vary. There is a chance you will see no trades if the market conditions are poor or if you have reached margin protection.
  13. All information for our software is correct at posting. You should always check before purchasing.
  14. Our software is designed to last and therefore should be looked at as long term investing.
  16. You will not see the same trades as other customers. They may be very similar but due to lots of variables no two traders will see the same. This includes any My FX Books that you see.
  17. As we build our software for other companies there is a big chance you will come across software very similar to ours. We will never discus these companies.

Monthly Software 

  1. All monthly files run from the start of the month to the end of the month. We can of course send out the next month demo if you don't download at the start.
  2. Full support is given the same as any customer. We hold all rights to cancel support if any of our rules are broken.
  3. We hold no responsibility for any losses occurred during the monthly period. YOU SHOULD ONLY DEMO. 
  4. We hold all rights to remove you from our community at anytime. After 4 weeks you will be removed even though you may still have a working file for 2-4 weeks.
  5. Some areas in our private community will be locked to full license customers only.
  6. If you are caught decompiling or trying to resell the trial we will seek legal action for £100,000.
  7. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVING. But for good faith we will deduct the monthly price off any full license.
  8. We hold no responsibility for any trades that are open when the software expires. You should always demo first. You always have full control of your account and trades. If you change date settings the software may expire quicker. 
  9. If the month software expires before a full month is up based on when you downloaded then the next monthly software will be sent free of charge. This is based on case by case. 

Our Partners

Before using any of our partners you should read the terms and conditions and policies.

  1. We hold no responsibility for any losses that occur due to one of our partners or any of our affiliates.
  2. We hold no responsibility for anything that occurs once you click off our website to one of our partners.
  3. If you receive a discount for using one of our partners and then do not use them we will request the difference in price.
  4. We do not offer any refunds on any crypto products purchased through us.
  5. We do not offer any refunds on any products or services advertised by us.
  6. Only software that is brought direct through us will be entitled for support.


  1. You will not betrend to be us. To drive traffic to your link.
  2. You will not use codes that represent us. 
  3. Your referral code must be unique to you.
  4. You will not use paid advertising to promote your link.
  5. You will not set up social media pages with our logos or posts 
  6. You will only be paid out if the customer first visited our website though your link. If they have previously been in contact with us no commission will be eligible.
  7. Customer must be a new customer, existing customers won't be eligible 
  8. You will not offer customer support through yourself in order to gain sales.
  9. Ever referral will be looked at in detail.
  10. Friends and family are more than welcome to use your code.
  11. We hold the right to refuse any commission and change these terms at any time.
  12. you can't use your affiliate code for yourself. 
  13. We can change your tier level at any time. 
  14. we hold the right to change the tiers at any time.
  15. We can change your tier level at anytime
  16. our decision on pay out is final. 
  17. king spud fx manage all affiliates. You will reach out to them with any issues.
  18. you are not employed by ets or king spud fx and have no contract
  19. you are responsible for your own taxes 
  20. you role is to simply drive traffic to our website and you are rewarded for that. YOU MUST NEVER SAY YOU ARE STAFF OR GIVE ADVICE. 
  21. We hold the right to refuse any payment invoiced by kingspud fx
  22. By signing up you agree to all these rules.
  23. You as an affiliate are responsible for your own tax

Our business solutions

  1. If you become a reseller you must not sell our products cheaper than our website.
  2. You must not attempt to decompile our software all support will be terminated if we believe you have. And legal action may be taken.
  3. You must give us credit for our software unless if white label. 
  4. You must not present yourself as staff or partners to us.
  5. All deposits and all payments are non refundable. 
  6. You will get 3 revisions unless stated otherwise for whitelabel or custom software.
  7. You can brand the white label software as your own, white label must be sold minimum the same as our list price if you want our continued support.
  8. For white label software there is no license agreement once you have purchased the software it is fully yours for life. 
  9. No refunds on software will be given.
  10. You accept your software or reselling our software we will hold no responsibility for any losses for you or your clients. Full responsibility will be on you.

Recommended Broker

By us recommending any trading brokers we don't hold any liability in any losses or damages caused by said broker. You should always get advice from a fully qualified financial advisor before creating any trading accounts or investing with a broker. Below are some more terms and conditions regarding trading brokers.

  1. We do not advise using any broker until you have done your own due diligence and seeked professional support.
  2. We may promote brokers that are not regulated by the FCA as they are not located in the UK. These brokers will be trusted by many but again your own due diligence should be taken.
  3. We do not recommend depositing any live funds unless if you are fully aware of the risks involved.
  4. You should check with your financial advisor before creating any accounts or depositing any funds.
  5. By us recommending a broker we are not giving you trading or financial advice we are simply showing you one of many options to use for facilitating your trading.
  6. We and partners hold no responsibility for any losses or damages caused by any brokers mentioned on our sites or social media pages.
  7. We may receive commission from said brokers for mentioning their name or introducing clients to their website. This can include commission on lots paid as well.

We may run specific promotions offering a discount on software when signed up to one of these brokers. Below are terms and conditions for the promotion.

  1. A verified live trading account must be proven before discount code granted. 
  2. The discount is giving as a thank-you for using the broker and not an incentive to get customers to join them.
  3. We are not asked by any brokers to offer the discount on our software. So please do not ask the brokers directly.
  4. We may ask for proof of your live trading account or details to check with the broker. We will never ask for any passwords or payment information.
  5. We hold the right to remove this promotion at any time.
  6. If we believe you are not using a live account with the broker we may revoke the discount code. 



 VIP's (NOW CLOSED please see Elite Lifetime Member)

  1. We can withdraw you as a vip if you break any of our rules. 
  2. You can withdraw yourself at anytime. 
  3. You must have a minimum account balance of £5000 to start with it then must stay above £3000 at all times to qualify for the lot rebate. 
  4. A rebate will only be given on a full standard lot. 
  5. Discounts can only be used for you. If we find they are not we will remove you from being a vip and may seek legal action to claim the money back. 
  6. Lot rebate is paid monthly.  

Elite Lifetime Member

  1. We hold the right to remove anyone at anytime from the membership with no refunds given. All available files at the time will be sent on termination to cover the cost.  
  2. Only existing pro software is included.
  3. Any new software we release will also be included. Excluding business solutions.
  4. 1:1 direct support may be slow at times if multiple support tickets are open. 
  5. Custom features will be decided by our staff at the last instance, but voting rights will be given to all members. 




    All files are downloadable straight after payment via your laptop or pc! Please do not download on mobile devices including tablets. You will also receive and email with a download link. Please note you only get one download per link.


    5 * Customer Services

    We are always on hand via live chat, email , telegram and of course via our phone number! For all customers the quickest way for support is in Discord.

    Contact Us Now

    Setting Up

    Now we would love to be able to tell you exactly what to do..... But no one can guarantee anything in trading so we don't give advice. But we do work extremely hard to provide setting guides and offer full support helping set up on a demo account before going live via our fully trained staff. You should read our reality of trading before any purchasing!

    Reality Of Trading

    Our Guarantee

    We can't guarantee every day you will make money! (no one can). But we can guarantee we do everything we possibly can to ensure long term profit is achieved overall. And give all the support we can to our customers. As well as VERIFIED results and our fantastic private community.