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The FX Book

Its Official we have partnered up with what believe is going to be the best social platform for traders! The FX Book will be a place for fellow traders and investors to share ideas and trading tips. Within the near future a market place will be added! There will be a unique currency to use its called The Peoples Token. And is on private sale for £0.50 a coin. We have a small amount we can sell to our clients. If you are interested just message us. Services you will be able to buy with TPST are:
  • Signals (verified only)
  • Software (verified only)
  • Courses
  • Trading equipment
The FX Book has a very strict policy on who can post. SCAMMERS are not welcomed at all! Nor are quick rich promoters! They will have a very strict verification process when the market place opens. With live results having to be proved before ads are allowed to run. No business will be allowed to provide get rich schemes either. Or trading challenges that are only used to cause traders to use big lot sizes to trigger commission. The market places and advertising for business will only be paid for via The Peoples Token (TPST). This will allow the site to be as safe as can be and create a community that will enhance everyone in trading.
This is why we have partnered up as they have the same goals as us to create a scam free trading environment. For now though The FX Book is perfect to share some ideas or share your great results from our products! 
Its a very new site and there will be bugs and glitches but these will be sorted! If you have any concerns please do not contact us. Please use
Be prepared for this platform to take off over the next few years and be part of a trusting and reliable community! We have spent a lot of money on this partnership but we believe the project is amazing. So please create an account and join in.
Keep safe and more importantly keep TRADING!
Elite Trading Services.


All files are downloadable straight after payment via your laptop or pc! Please do not download on mobile devices including tablets. You will also receive and email with a download link. Please note you only get one download per link.


5 * Customer Services

We are always on hand via live chat, email , telegram and of course via our phone number! For all customers the quickest way for support is in Discord.

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Setting Up

Now we would love to be able to tell you exactly what to do..... But no one can guarantee anything in trading so we don't give advice. But we do work extremely hard to provide setting guides and offer full support helping set up on a demo account before going live via our fully trained staff. You should read our reality of trading before any purchasing!

Reality Of Trading

Our Guarantee

We can't guarantee every day you will make money! (no one can). But we can guarantee we do everything we possibly can to ensure long term profit is achieved overall. And give all the support we can to our customers. As well as VERIFIED results and our fantastic private community.