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Why ETS?

Please read all this before purchasing. 

Why chose us?

There are many advantages for choosing us. We truly are the ELITE in our field. From building custom trading software for businesses to having some of (if not) the best retail trading bots! Our years of experience and our morals of great customer service have led us to grow worldwide. We now are developing are improving our reach within the retail market. We are fairly new to the social media game but we know it is full of scammers. So to make it even easier to trust us we have created this page. Which highlights real customers with real results and show a range of what can be accomplished with our software. We really to hit the results we say and we really have had 1000s of customers profit every month!!!

If you are hesitant DO NOT TRADE!!!


Our Results 

As stated the average returns for our retail software is 20-40% for the Moneymaker/pro and 20-50% for the Vici. These are based on an average across all known customers running our software that provide their results. This also includes other companies that run white label versions of our software. Some pairs and settings will yield different results. There are also variables to consider broker, spreads and server speed. Once again we advise fully demoing until completely happy to go live. This could be 1 month or 12 months its fully up to you.  



If you are not familiar with My FX Book, very simply they are a independent organization that allow traders to verify their results. And yes signal providers and gurus never have one (because they are fake)!! If you ever buy anything retail trading related and they don't have proven results then the loss is totally on you. 

We will continue to add to this section on our site as we encourage more and more customers to link their accounts up. As you can see a variety of account sizes and results. We have 1000s running our software so if you are looking to see results for a particular account size let us know and we will try our best to introduce you to a customer with a similar account. Please see below a variety of real accounts using our software. A range of results and pairs are used so please do not base any purchasing on previous results! OUr average results are 20%-40% monthly. And remember if you are worried about drawdown please do not trade. You should also only ever trade with money you can afford to lose. 




£7.5k account

£2000 account

£500 account  

£1k account

£1.5k account



(please note the moneymaker and moneymaker pro are EXACTLY the same software just with more streamlined algorithms and a cut off feature)





As you can see drawdown is part of trading! The goal with any trading or investment is to be profitable overall. LONGTERM. If you dont want to see drawdown please do not trade. We do not hide away from being in drawdown. But is is important to understand drawdown is not losing.  





Our Private Community 

Being the ELITE, really comes down to our customers as well as our software! Our community is always growing and the help from other customers for new members is amazing! Our customer service is rated excellent our review platforms and that's because we are available 7 days a week 8am-23:59pm to answer any questions and help with any issues! You will soon see we go the extra mile for our customers

Our private discord channel allows customers to chat and make new friends with traders running the same software. It allows customers to see what has worked for others and what hasn't! Just another reason why we are the ELITE!

We do have some rules for our private community. Afterall we are the ELITE and only want ELITE members!

  • Fake results, No one is impressed with screen shots without backing it up, so we clearly ask all members to state if the results are live or demo. We may ask for live proof if you post in our manual set ups.
  • Rude, simple be rude to another member or are staff and you will be removed. following an investigation we may allow a second chance. 
  • Racism or harassment, we will never tolerate any racism or harassment to members we have members from all over the world. There are NO second chances.
  • Real users, to be part of our private community you need to have your discord username visible so our customers and staff know you are a legit customers. Our rules are our first name and last name initial. eg JOE B (Joe Blogs).


Trust Pilot 

Does anyone actually still buy anything without checking Trustpilot? Well lucky for you we have an EXCELLENT rating! Shows you just how ELITE we are! 

Come read our EXCELLENT reviews here


Please note we do not offer any refunds. So please only purchase if you are fully happy with your decision.



All files are downloadable straight after payment via your laptop or pc! Please do not download on mobile devices including tablets. You will also receive and email with a download link. Please note you only get one download per link.


5 * Customer Services

We are always on hand via live chat, email , telegram and of course via our phone number! For all customers the quickest way for support is in Discord.

Contact Us Now

Setting Up

Now we would love to be able to tell you exactly what to do..... But no one can guarantee anything in trading so we don't give advice. But we do work extremely hard to provide setting guides and offer full support helping set up on a demo account before going live via our fully trained staff. You should read our reality of trading before any purchasing!

Reality Of Trading

Our Guarantee

We can't guarantee every day you will make money! (no one can). But we can guarantee we do everything we possibly can to ensure long term profit is achieved overall. And give all the support we can to our customers. As well as VERIFIED results and our fantastic private community.