Affiliate For Us

Anyone who knows us here at ETS, knows our customers come first! All staff use our bots and make money. Hence why we are never pushy in sales. Either somebody wants to join the Elite or they don’t! With more proof than anyone should need some people will just always simply miss out!


As we want to spread the news of a fully legit, profitable and working trading software, we have now got an improved affiliate programme rewarding those who want to help us change the retail forex game! Yes, we are taking over! And yes, we will make sure signals scammers are taken down!


So, we now have a new and improved tier system for affiliates, the more you help us take over the world the more money you make to say thank you! Afterall our community is the ELITE! Our tier systems are based on yeah you guessed it….. Computer memory units and yes, we are geeks!


To help make our affiliate programme even better we have teamed up with King Spud FX. They will be the hub of all affiliation operations. They will be in charge of managing all affiliate.  


When giving out your code, the user will enjoy 10% off! You will then receive commission based on your tier level. The commission is on the price paid by the customer. So after their discount is applied.

 All commission is paid the following Friday via bitcoin.

 KILO: Our entry level affiliate, you will receive 10% commission.

MEGA: After referring 10 customers you will be automatically upgraded to MEGA you will now receive 15% commission on every referred customer.

GIGA: After referring 25 customers and now really being a part of the growing Elite, you will receive 25% commission on every sale!

TERA: For our most loyal customers and entrepreneurs who want to benefit massively from the great success our bots have had, and will continue to have. This tier is invite only, and will have an informal interview process to make sure the affiliation is right for both Elite Trading Services and yourself. 

TERA level affiliates will receive 35% commission on every sale.

 Affiliates will all be managed by King Spud FX please join the Telegram chat here. 

 There is an app as well so you can track how any people click through on your link!


Full terms and conditions here 

5 * Customer Services

We are always on hand via live chat, email , telegram and of course via our phone number! (9am-5pm Mon-Fri only)


All files downloadable straight after payment! Also email sent with download link as well.

Getting Started

Full help to set up and get started! We will get you set up and ready to rock! Please note we will only help set up on a demo account! PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT GIVE TRADING ADVICE.