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EA Set Up

Congratulations on your purchase of our software, you are now only a few steps away from trading hands free. All you need to do is follow these steps below. If you need any help please contact us. Be advised though our staff will only help set up on a demo account!


  1. The file will say the bit name .ex4. 
  2. Now you want to right click the EA file and select 'copy'
  3. Then you want to install into the mt4 terminal. So open MT4 and click 'file' in the top left, then you want to select 'open data folder' (about half way down)                                 
  4. Next select the MQL4 folder                                                                                                  
  5. Next step is top open the 'experts' folder Then anywhere in the folder right click the mouse and paste the Ea file into this folder
  6. Now you can close this folder and go back to the mt4 terminal. in the bottom left window expend the experts tab and right click and hit 'refresh'
  7. Now you will see the Ea file in the list. To add it to the chart simply left click and drag and drop from the list onto the chart. This will then attach the EA onto your chart and open the settings. Apply the settings you wish to use and click ok. Remember to click allow live trading in the common tab in the settings. if you want to alter any settings in future, simply double click the face in the top right corner of the chart and it will open the settings menu.



All files are downloadable straight after payment via your laptop or pc! Please do not download on mobile devices including tablets. You will also receive and email with a download link. Please note you only get one download per link.


5 * Customer Services

We are always on hand via live chat, email , telegram and of course via our phone number! For all customers the quickest way for support is in Discord.

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Setting Up

Now we would love to be able to tell you exactly what to do..... But no one can guarantee anything in trading so we don't give advice. But we do work extremely hard to provide setting guides and offer full support helping set up on a demo account before going live via our fully trained staff. You should read our reality of trading before any purchasing!

Reality Of Trading

Our Guarantee

We can't guarantee every day you will make money! (no one can). But we can guarantee we do everything we possibly can to ensure long term profit is achieved overall. And give all the support we can to our customers. As well as VERIFIED results and our fantastic private community.