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Reality Of Trading


So, you have finally made your way to the Elite. Yes, we know pretty bold statement. Well we might just be what you are looking for. Well unless if you are looking to become a millionaire overnight please leave the same way you came in. On this page we are showing what 99.9% of other companies don’t discuss or even show. Probably to busy taking their rented lambo back. Or getting the battery changed in their Rolex..... we must point out we are not a trading company we are a fintech software development company that don’t just build trading bots. We build a range of software solutions. But specifically through ETS its all about our trading bots!


Trading is hard. No two ways about it. You will have days you lose, every trader does!


BUT we have created software that can make it easier. (not risk free, easier)



We hoped and prayed we would never have to say these words, but some customers have lost money running our software. (yes, we did just admit to that). Fortunately, it’s not a common occurrence and is usually due to riskier settings and pairs being used in a time where markets move are extreme. But we aren’t here to point fingers or shame people especially when our own staff have been guilty as well and lost. But we want our customers to understand the risks involved in trading and the reality of it. Trading is fantastic, it can change your whole life and give you more than you ever need and want. BUT it can take a lot as well, so we want our customers to understand the risks involved. And we still have 1000s who run our software either through our own retail outlet or through other companies we have built software for and still make profit every month. And are profitable overall long term.

The reality of trading is lots more fail and lose money than those who make money. And especially signal providers who receive massive commissions from brokers for getting you to sign up and trade stupid trades ( just look at their lot sizes ). But of course, they lure you in with lambos, rolexs and turning your months’ salary into £100k, where reality is you lose it all. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

We really do care more about our customers than profits (sale profits not trading profits of course) and we don’t want to hide anything.  Well apart from our algorithmic data and strategies (thats locked in a vault)! And we don’t want to put you off becoming a customer we just think more transparency is needed in this industry. So we have made it incredibly easy to see all our policy’s, seriously look right below here:

Now fair play if you read all of them and you should, you might just be ready to join the Elite! Afterall we are only as good as the customers that make us! So, if you want to have a chat with our staff or even a sneak peek into our community just let us know. You will soon see our support is ELITE, our products are ELITE, and our community and customers are ELITE!


All files are downloadable straight after payment via your laptop or pc! Please do not download on mobile devices including tablets. You will also receive and email with a download link. Please note you only get one download per link.


5 * Customer Services

We are always on hand via live chat, email , telegram and of course via our phone number! For all customers the quickest way for support is in Discord.

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Setting Up

Now we would love to be able to tell you exactly what to do..... But no one can guarantee anything in trading so we don't give advice. But we do work extremely hard to provide setting guides and offer full support helping set up on a demo account before going live via our fully trained staff. You should read our reality of trading before any purchasing!

Reality Of Trading

Our Guarantee

We can't guarantee every day you will make money! (no one can). But we can guarantee we do everything we possibly can to ensure long term profit is achieved overall. And give all the support we can to our customers. As well as VERIFIED results and our fantastic private community.