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EGCXALTUM our timeless and very popular and very profitable industrial trading bot! That can trade any assets on MT4. By using our exclusive algorithms and outstanding strategy (EGC2X1). EGCXALTUM has been around for years and is white labelled by a lot of well-known companies. We are the creators and now selling to a retail market. This bot can open a lot of trades when the time is right and lock in for profit with a trailing stop. There are multiple ways to run this bot and is not suitable for new retail traders. It can take some time to find what works for you with this software. We do not give trading advice!

  • The perfect EA for serious traders
  • Full settings here (please read before purchase)
  • No my fx book as lots of ways to run this EA
  • This not for new traders some experience is needed! 
  • Very high reward! 
  • Works on any forex pairs
  • Best pairs gbpusd usdcad
  • Trailing stop to lock in profits 
  • Some changes made need to be made to suit your account. You can change TP, SL AND TS to suit your style and R/R.
  • *** please note only the software is available we have some settings that some users use. no trading advice will be given. It is up to you to tweak the software to match your trading style.


Great ea, and the support is fantastic. Never had any issues right from the start everything was perfect.


I've been with them for nearly 3 months now and there wasn't a single issue that Richard couldn't sort out or help with. Very honest and reliable people with great EA's that work on any kind of account size and the % growth is unreal. Takes a bit of time to switch from manual to automated trading but it's probably the best decision I made. Worth considering if you're looking for extra cash and don't have time or knowledge to analyse charts or you're tired of losing signal providers. Recommend to all


Excellent EA’s, great customer service, always on hand to help. Made my trading journey a lot more easier than anticipated 

5 * Customer Services

We are always on hand via live chat, email , telegram and of course via our phone number! (9am-5pm Mon-Fri only)


All files downloadable straight after payment! Also email sent with download link as well.

Getting Started

Full help to set up and get started! We will get you set up and ready to rock! Please note we will only help set up on a demo account! PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT GIVE TRADING ADVICE.