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The perfect strategy for any trader! We know our bots are great and work hands free, literally making money in your sleep! But if you fancy learning a skill for life then this is the course for you!

The only forex course you will ever need! 7 modules and 17 units including video lessons exploring both theory and application.


Brought to you by the fantastic RPL Trading. Who have been friends with us here at ETS for a lifetime. In fact some of their staff have worked with us on numerous projects!

Why do we not sell it as our own?

Simple answer it's not ours. The years of dedication and hard work that has gone into this strategy by our friends at RPL it's only fair they get all the praise! But we are very excited to be able to sell it to our customers and offer a combo deal for our bots as well. Get the best of both worlds! Hands free trading and learn a skill for life!

Rated 5 stars on trustpilot!


  • Private Telegram group. (this is worth the cost on its own)
  • Full help and support (option for 1:1 support as well)

Course Content:

Module 1.  Introduction

  • Introduction to The Course
  • Introduction to Forex Trading

Module 2. Technical Analysis

  • Support & Resistance
  • Trend lines
  • Fibonacci Rules
  • Price Action
  • Entry & Stops
  • Breaks, Re-tests & Pullbacks
  • Full Strategy

Module 3. Market Pattern

  • Head and Shoulders
  • Bullish & Bearish Flags

Module 4. Market Structure

  • Ranges
  • Channels

Module 5. Journaling

  • Journaling

Module 6. Resources

  • Tradingview Alerts
  • News
  • Correlating Pairs

Module 7. Rules

  • Trading Rules


  • Final Word

As you can see this course will take you through every step in detail. With videos you can pause, rewind and watch over and over again until the information is second nature!

So what are you waiting for? To expensive? You pay for what you get! One off fee or keep wasting money signing up to signals and losing time and time again. Just think how much you have lost up until reading this? Now it is time to make a change!

"Nothing is FREE in life! buy right pay once, buy wrong pay for ever!"

Some billionaire we met in vegas.

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Please allow up to 12 hours to have access to the course. Access to the customer only telegram will be available on payment.


Great ea, and the support is fantastic. Never had any issues right from the start everything was perfect.


I've been with them for nearly 3 months now and there wasn't a single issue that Richard couldn't sort out or help with. Very honest and reliable people with great EA's that work on any kind of account size and the % growth is unreal. Takes a bit of time to switch from manual to automated trading but it's probably the best decision I made. Worth considering if you're looking for extra cash and don't have time or knowledge to analyse charts or you're tired of losing signal providers. Recommend to all


Excellent EA’s, great customer service, always on hand to help. Made my trading journey a lot more easier than anticipated 

5 * Customer Services

We are always on hand via live chat, email , telegram and of course via our phone number! (9am-5pm Mon-Fri only)


All files downloadable straight after payment! Also email sent with download link as well.

Getting Started

Full help to set up and get started! We will get you set up and ready to rock! Please note we will only help set up on a demo account! PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT GIVE TRADING ADVICE.